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Resolutions list 2020

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hello blog reader!

Happy New Year! I hope that all your wishes come true this year and that you will have a quiet 2020, but not too quiet, so you won’t get bored.

It is really late to say that, I know, but the beginning of a new year takes time to adjust.😊 I had a little break with all the busy Christmas period, we went away a few times, so it got a bit hard to keep up with everything, but I am back now.

January is one of those months when I feel the most energetic. It’s a new beginning: new year; new plans; new chance to do the stuff that you wanted last year, to see what you’ve accomplished; new mood; new goals, so, busy month. I am one of the persons who do the resolution lists (and any other list you can ever imagine) and that helps me to stay organized and focused on my objectives.

A lot of people think that goals and resolution lists are bollocks and they don’t believe in them because they won’t become true. I think it depends on everyone’s personality if you use them as tools or not. In my opinion, it is important to know what to fight for throughout the year. You can lose sight of some things that you want to do, because, during a year, a lot of other things come up: things that distract you, priorities and reasons for which you will not achieve your objectives. Reasons like “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have money” will make you end up not pursuing those goals.

Over the years I’ve learned a few important things to know when you want to have a target. Your goals have to be SMART. This is a concept that I’ve learned at the Uni, years ago, and was exactly about objectives: they have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and in time. You have to think of a few specific things that you want to achieve and they have to be feasible for the time that you have. One year can seem like a really long period of time, but if you want to accomplish a lot of goals and besides that, you might have a full-time job, a house to maintain and a life to live, you’re gonna fail. It will get overwhelming to try to work for 10 big things (objectives like planning your wedding or completely renovating your whole house - takes a lot of time) so it’s better to just choose a few big goals, 2 or 3 of them or many small ones.

Another point will be that if you set too many objectives, at the end of the year you will feel disappointed because you didn’t accomplish them. And this could actually be the trigger that will make you not believe in all this concept anymore. So I think it’s just better to have fewer goals and be happy that you actually reached them at the end of the year, then to just postpone them each time.

One more thought is that you don’t have to try to do all the changes simultaneously. We, as human beings, are liable to adapt, but everything has to be done step by step. It is a waste of energy to try to create 2-3 new habits; if you want to do them at the same time, you won’t succeed. It is better to start with one of them, give the body and mind 2-3 weeks to adjust, then add another one, give the adapting period again and so on.

It is also all right if over the year you give up on some objectives, change them or add more. We evolve from one day to another, we grow, we change our ideas, the way of thinking, so it’s perfectly normal for other priorities to come and to wish for different things. That doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in your mission.

Up until now I didn’t set up big goals and mini-goals and I never organized them by category, but this year I feel the need to do it, so I can juggle between developing my knowledge, enrich on the entertainment part, invest in travel and focus on my personal development.

Another thing that I do every year, besides the resolution list, it’s a list of all my achievements. As I said, over the year your ideas can change and all the time other things will appear that are too important not to count. For example, last year I went on minimalism with my list and it only had 6 goals, of which 2 were quite big and 4 were smaller. I’ve accomplished the big ones, but just a part of the small ones, as they were measurable and I didn’t actually manage to reach the desired number. But however, my final list consisted of 23 achievements. If I wouldn’t have written them down, I wouldn’t realize how much I’ve actually done and I would have thought that I’ve accomplished the 2 big goals, and nothing more.

For me 2019 was a great year, I really managed to accomplish some of my big goals and that makes me more confident and more hopeful regarding this year. I have new things on my list, new, big, important goals, but I do have some of the little ones that I didn’t manage to do last year. It’s so nice to see and cross over those important things that you’ve put on, at the beginning of last year!

As you can imagine, one of my top list goals for 2020 is related to the blog. I started this project as being so enthusiastic about, and I’ve been working really hard for every article, but since the holiday came, it was harder and harder to keep up. I really want to post more often and to respect the schedule that I planned. I want to be able to write every week, although I must admit it’s not easy. But it’s challenging and I like it, so I need to find the time to do it. The other goals that I have are either personal or related to my hobbies. I don’t think they are unusual, they are really common actually, and I can bet some of them can be found on everyone's new year’s resolution lists.

Do you have a 2020 resolution list? What’s your biggest goal?

Until next time, don’t forget to read my blog! 😊

Buna din nou!

La multi ani! Sper ca toate dorintele sa vi se implineasca anul asta si ca veti avea un 2020 linistit, insa nu prea linistit, ca sa nu va plictisiti.

Este foarte tarziu sa spun asta, stiu, dar inceputul unui an nou ia timp pentru a te acomoda🙂. Am luat o mica pauza cu toata perioada aglomerata de Craciun, am fost plecati de cateva ori, asa ca a devenit greu sa tin pasul cu toate, insa m-am intors.

Ianuarie este luna in care ma simt cel mai energica. Este un nou inceput: un nou an, noi planuri, o noua sansa sa faci lucrurile pe care voiai sa le faci anul precedent, sa vezi ce ai realizat, o noua stare de spirit, noi obiective, o luna aglomerata deci. Sunt una dintre persoanele care isi face lista de dorinte (si orice alta lista pe care ai putea sa ti-o imaginezi vreodata) si asta ma ajuta sa raman organizata si concentrata pe obiectivele mele.

Multa lume considera ca lista de obiective este o prostie si nu crede in ea pentru ca acestea nu s-ar indeplini. Depinde de personalitatea fiecaruia daca foloseste acest instrument sau nu. Eu cred ca e important sa stii pentru ce “tragi” tot anul. Este foarte usor sa pierzi din vedere unele lucruri pe care vrei sa le faci, pentru ca pe parcursul unui an, apar o gramada de alte lucruri: lucruri care te distrag, prioritati si motive din cazua carora nu-ti vei atinge scopul. Motive precum “nu am timp” sau “nu am bani”, te vor face sa nu-ti mai atingi visele.

De-a lungul anilor am invatat cateva lucruri importante pe care trebuie sa le stii atunci cand vrei sa realizezi niste lucruri. Obiectivele tale trebuie sa fie SMART. Acesta este un concept pe care l-am invatat la facultate si se refera la faptul ca ele trebuie sa fie specifice, masurabile, tangibile, realizabile si in timp. Trebuie sa te gandesti la cateva obiective specifice, care trebuie sa fie fezabile in timpul pe care il ai. Un an poate parea o perioada lunga de timp, dar daca vrei sa indeplinesti mai multe lucruri, si in afara de asta ai poate un job full-time, o casa de intretinut si o viata de trait, vei esua. V-a deveni coplesitor sa incerci sa lucrezi la 10 mari obiective (precum pregatirea unei nunti sau renovarea completa a unei case, care ocupa foarte mult timp) asa ca mai bine iti alegi doar cateva lucruri mai complexe, 2-3, sau mai multe, dar mai mici.

Un alt lucru ar fi faptul ca daca iti setezi prea multe obiective, la sfarsitul anului vei fi dezamagit/a pentru ca nu le-ai indeplinit. Si tocmai asta te poate face sa nu mai crezi in acest concept. Asadar, cred ca e mai bine sa ai doar cateva dorinte si sa fii fericit ca le-ai indeplinit la final de an, decat sa le tot amani pentru urmatorul.

O alta idee este ca nu trebuie sa incerci sa le realizezi pe toate simultan. Noi ca fiinte umane, suntem predispusi adaptarii, dar totul trebuie luat pas cu pas. Este o pierdere de energie sa incerci sa iti faci 2-3 noi obiceiuri, daca vrei sa le faci in acealsi timp, nu vei reusi. Este mai bine sa incepi cu unul dintre ele, sa ii dai corpului si mintii 2-3 saptamani sa se adapteze si apoi sa adaugi un altul, sa oferi perioada de adaptare si tot asa.

De asemenea e foarte ok ca pe parcursul anului sa renunti la unele dintre obiective, sa le schimbi sau sa adaugi altele. Noi evoluam de la zi la zi, ne dezvoltam, ne schimbam ideile, modul de a gandi, gusturile, astfel ca este foarte normal sa apara poate alte prioritati, sa iti doresti altceva. Asta nu inseamna ca ai esuat in indeplinirea obiectivelor tale.

Pana acum nu mi-am setat niste obiective mari si subdiviziuni ale acestora si nici nu le-am impartit cumva pe categorii, insa anul acesta simt nevoia sa fac asta, astfel incat sa jonglez intre dezvoltarea cunostintelor, invatarea unor lucruri noi, imbogatirea pe parte de recreere, investirea in calatorii si dezvoltarea personala.

Ceea ce mai fac eu in afara de lista de obiective pentru fiecare an este sa fac o alta lista cu toate reusitele. Asa cum spuneam mai sus, de-a lungul unui an lucrurile se schimba si mereu apar altele, care desi nu au fost pe lista de indeplinit sunt lucuri pozitive si importante asa ca ar fi pacat sa nu fie contorizate si ele. Ca un exemplu, anul trecut am mers pe minimalism, iar lista mea a inculs 6 obiective dintre care 2 au fost mari si 4 mici. Pe cele mari le-am indeplinit, iar pe cele mici nu in totalitate (erau niste obiective masurabile si nu am reusit sa ating exact numarul dorit), insa lista totala de reusite a inclus 23 de lucruri. Astfel ca daca nu le notam, poate nu realizam de fapt cat de multe am facut, ci ramaneam cu idea ca am indeplinit cele 2 obiective mari si atat.

Pentru mine 2019 a fost un an important, chiar am reusit sa-mi indeplinesc unele dintre cele mai mari dorinte si asta ma face mai increzatoare cu privire la noul an. Am noi obiective pe lista mea, unele mari si importnte, dar am si cateva mici pe care nu am apucat sa le fac anul trecut. Este asa de frumos sa vezi si sa tai de pe lista lucrurile pe care le-ai scris la inceputul anului trecut.

Asa cum va imaginati, unul dintre primele lucruri de pe lista de dorinte din 2020 este legat de blog. Am inceput acest proiect atat de entuziasmata si am lucrat mult pentru fiecare articol, dar o data cu vacanta, a fost din ce in ce mi greu sa tin pasul. Chiar imi doresc sa postez mai des si sa respect programul pe care mi l-am porpus. Vreau sa pot posta in fiecare saptamana, desi trebuie sa recunosc ca nu e usor. Este insa o provocare si imi place, asa ca trebuie sa imi gasesc mai mult timp pentru asta. Alte obiective pe care le mai am sunt fie personale, fie legate de hobby-urile mele. Nu cred ca sunt neobisnuite, sunt chiar comune si pariez ca multe dintre ele pot fi gasite pe lista oricui.

Voi aveti o lista de dorinte pentru 2020? Care este cea mai mare dorinta a voastra pe acest an?

Pana data viitoare, nu uitati sa imi cititi blogul! 😊

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