Don’t care, short hair

By Adinda

Short hair!
I did it! I finally cut my hair! AND IT FEELS SO GOOD YA’LL *___* My head feels like 400 pounds lighter and i’m so much quicker in the shower and most important: GOODBYE tangled-bleached-deadish-looking-hair!

Short hair!

Short hair!
Wanted to share this enormous moment in my life with you :-)

Oh, and tonight is Chinese New Year and this will be our first in Taipei. So for everyone who is celebrating tonight: a very happy Chinese New Year filled with liberating short hair! X

‘her’ the movie

By Adinda

HER the movie <3
You guys, last weekend I went to see her, the latest Spike Jones movie and I have to say, I think this might be one of the best and most interesting movies I’ve ever seen.

'her' the movie
The story is about this guy called Theodore Twombly. He lives in the nearby future and works as a writer. One day he stumbles up on this super advanced operating system (that named herself Samantha). This OS is designed to meet his every need. Eventually he falls in love with this system. Like really in love.

Samantha from 'her'
^^^ Samantha, the operating system. ^^^

I have to say, at first I was not sure what to think about this idea. But knowing it’s directed by Spike Jones, the director of films like Where The Wild Things Are and Being John Malkovich and actors like Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johanson (the voice of Samantha) and Amy Adams where playing in this movie, I had to check it out.

Her the movie
If you’re in to art direction, future tech design and fashion design you’re going to love how they handled things in this movie. I loved all these aspects in Her: the art direction had a retro/orang-y kinda feel and I loved how they designed things like computer desktops, they looked like large photo frames! And how they play video games: really spectacular and super detailed.

Curious? Watch the trailer here:

This movie was romantic, super intimate (don’t go watching this movie with your grandparent’s though), funny, beautiful, real and unique. The concept of the movie (a real person falling in love with a computer) is something I see happening in the future, especially after seeing her. And if you are a IMDB kinda person: her scores a solid 8.5 which is quite high! So if you haven’t seen her yet: go today and let me know what you think! -xadinda

images of the ‘her, the movie’ website

The Weekly Photo Diaries: the 4th week of 2014

By Adinda

The Weekly Photo Diaries: The 4th Week of 2014
Hey, how are you guys?! And how was your week? Can’t believe we’re already saying goodbye to the first month of this year. Time flies by so damn quickly, right?

GVSW office
^^^ (this is a photo of my desk, ha) You must have noticed I haven’t been blogging so much last week. I took a break from the blog, locked myself up in my room and really started to think about where I want the blog to go and where I want it to be at the end of this year. Pfff… Haha!  I started thinking about this because I wasn’t a 100% happy about the look and the content I’m posting. I really feel I need to pick a niche and think about a clear concept for the blog which in the end, helps me in creating better content. On top of that I want to include my freelance work with the blog and tie them both together. So, last week I started working on a complete rebranding which made me wanted to stop blogging for a couple of days to take a step back and start over (mostly in a mental kind of way :) ). Don’t worry though, I’m back now and until I go live I’ll still be posting on the blog and keep you updated about my process. I’m really excited for this! ^^^

Lulu thinking I can't see her <3
^^^ I told you last week about the fur kids, about them being weird and all. Well: this week the kitties are doing much better! They’re back to being funny and naughty again. Here Lulu thinks I can’t see her in the laundry-basket… ^^^

Bibi in bed
^^^ Bibi stopped being cranky and started being nosey. Like always actually. I’m really learning the difference between a home kitty (Lulu) and a former stray cat (Bibi). Bibi is really smart and curious, naughty and super playful. She’s also very dominant and thinks she’s the bigger sister of Lulu. Which is true off course but sometimes she’s extremely bossy and that’s kinda hard for Lulu who is more cuddly and sweet. Haha, a well! Yes, you can call me the Crazy Cat Lady. ^^^

Vegetable garden in the mountains of Taipei
^^^ This weekend Frank and me spend a day hiking in the hills of Taipei. First time ever and a great success. It’s really beautiful up there and peaceful. We even stumbled on someones vegetable garden. What a great place to grow your own fruit and vegetables: in the middle of a forestry park up on the hills. ^^^

Taipei city
^^^ This was the view, once we got up. That’s Taipei 101 on the left, worlds second largest building. Yeah, second not first. ^^^

Enjoying the view
^^^ This is me. Walking up all these stairs makes a person tired. Should do this hiking thing more often. ^^^

Hiking in the mountains of Taipei
^^^ I loved the trees up there. ^^^

Mirrors: hairdresser in Taipei
^^^ Things up on the mountain are so much more relaxed compared to the city. This is a sneak peek into a tiny barber shop. ^^^

Mirrors: street cafe in Taipei
^^^ A girl at the local street café. This café only served sweet drinks and sweet Taipei desserts. I didn’t taste it though, will definitely come back for some sweetness next time. ^^^

Bird cages in Taipei
^^^ This is a bird-cage shop we spotted when we walked back home. Some of the bird cages had actual birds inside. Having a bird is a common thing here in Taipei. I’m actually warming up to the idea to get a bird too, but on second thought: I think the kitties will not leave the poor bird alone and if we want to move in a couple of years (you never know) how on earth am I going to move a bird with me on the plane? Hmm, yeah no. Maybe someday… ^^^

That’s it, another week has gone by. This coming week is the week for Chinese New Year. This means Taipei City will be super quiet and probably abandoned since everybody will have the week off. We will spend our week on day trips around Taiwan, which is exciting. Happy Monday! -xadinda

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